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Small steps, big change

Any sports fans out there? If so, and especially if you followed the 2012 Olympics, you’ll remember the great success of our cycling team under the expert visionary coaching of Dave Brailsford. 


Posted on Thu, January 08, 2015 in Leadership Personal Development

Does being thankful make you a better leader?

Last week our cousins across the pond were celebrating Thanksgiving Day and for many, this celebration is a gentle prod to remind us to acknowledge what we feel thankful for in our lives. 


Posted on Thu, December 04, 2014 in Leadership Personal Development

‘Do I have to?’ How to encourage attendance at workshop offerings without making them mandatory

We often hear from our Learning and Development clients that a common challenge is encouraging staff to attend workshops without making them mandatory. There appears to be no easy way to engage with people around the importance of investing time in their personal development and workshops and training sessions often get viewed as a nuisance, getting in the way of ‘real’ work. Here’s where we have to learn the power of influence.


Posted on Thu, September 25, 2014 in General Leadership

Managing to lead

The difference between management and leadership is one that has been discussed often. This debate is more than a semantic exercise. It is about going beyond semantics to arrive at a true understanding of leadership.

In my view, management and leadership are inextricably linked. Because of this there is more value in assessing how the two are aligned as opposed to delineating differences.


Posted on Thu, September 11, 2014 in Leadership

Is this the secret to happiness at work?

Research has shown that people respond to change in different ways. Some thrive on the energy of change; others feel powerless and see change as alienating. As a leader how can you work with your people to foster more of the former and less of the latter?


Posted on Thu, September 04, 2014 in General Leadership

How leaders can engage the millennial generation

Millennials are defined as those born between 1982 and 1993. It's said that by 2020 millennials will represent 40% of the total working population*. With this in mind, it is in every organisation's interest to attract and engage with this generation.

Engaging millennials is a challenge faced by many leaders, some of whom may feel quite removed from the ways in which this particular, social media driven, generation interacts and communicates.


Posted on Thu, August 21, 2014 in Leadership Organisational Development

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