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How to Set a Good Example as a Leader

The business environment is more intricate than ever before. There have been gradient shifts in client expectations and the general pace of work. Managing expectations, relationships and driving results requires strong leadership. A person with balanced emotional and intellectual fortification is needed to make sound assessments, to think and plan strategically and to drive change and success. Setting a good example is central to strong leadership, often leaders don’t even realise that their actions set the standard for those they lead. 


Posted on Tue, July 24, 2018 in Leadership

Embracing Change

It seems that, today, change is inevitable. Often, though, it is resisted because it requires us to shift out of our comfort zone. Change brings about a fear of the unknown and a reluctance to face it head on. Great leaders are flexible leaders who are willing to embrace change. They understand that while it may be unnerving, it presents new opportunity to help everyone be more relevant, creative and strategic. They understand that change represents an opening to transform, innovate and ignite growth. A great leader motivates and empowers their team to adapt to change and to find ways to build on the new.


Posted on Tue, July 10, 2018 in Leadership Organisational Development