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Why Resilience is an Important Leadership Trait

The degree to which you are successful as a leader lies, partly, in your ability to overcome challenges.

In my experience, it is not unusual for leaders to struggle in a dynamic corporate environment where tough and unfamiliar challenges lurk around corners. In some way, managing our potentially instinctive response to those situations, to become optimistic rather than showing signs of strain will inspire the people we lead, through the clear demonstration of this vital leadership skill, resilience.


Posted on Tue, November 28, 2017 in Leadership

5 Ways to Avoid Overwhelm as a Leader

Many leaders will admit to feeling overworked and overwhelmed, at least some of the time.  Usually the culprits are heavy workloads and a series of tight deadlines and demands. It’s not uncommon for leaders to experience times when they feel they’re losing their sense of control.  Many also struggle to effectively cross manage their professional and personal lives. 


Posted on Tue, November 07, 2017 in Leadership