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Using my introverted self to advantage

Introvert or extrovert? Which camp would you put yourself in? Is it possible to pigeonhole the entire human race as simply being one or the other?

According to Carl Jung’s theory on personality types, none of us are completely extroverted or introverted, however we certainly connect to or feel most comfortable, in one of these worlds over the other. 


Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015 in General Personal Development

Upwards & sideways – do both count?

How is your career panning out these days? Are you currently where you want to be? Are you living up to your own expectations? We have a tendency, understandably, to plan our careers in an upward trajectory, however if things don’t quite go to plan, naturally it can be disappointing. 

When you think about it though, upwards isn’t always necessarily the only way to go - there is an alternative route.

How about sideways for a change?


Posted on Thu, April 09, 2015 in Coaching General Organisational Development Personal Development