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Does practice make perfect?

Now here’s a question to start a healthy debate. As a statement, it’s something some of us may remember hearing growing up as we struggled to balance on that scooter or splashed frantically to stop ourselves from sinking to the bottom of the pool.  Indeed, many would argue that yes, practice does make perfect. 


Posted on Thu, July 16, 2015 in Coaching General Personal Development

What is culture?

Defining culture is perhaps not something we can cover extensively in this short blog – it seems there are countless definitions associated with this broad theme. Some examples however include: a way of life, ideas, customs, and social behaviorof a particular group, people or society, at a particular time. In an attempt to put it succinctly, I like to think of culture as simply the thing that holds us together. 

If we acknowledge that (organisational) culture provides us with values, symbols, or cues to help us realise the accepted behavioural ‘norms’, then I wonder what happens when culture is lost?  What signs might allow us to recognise this? And how can we cope?


Posted on Thu, July 02, 2015 in General Organisational Development