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Staying focused in the maelstrom

The art of self-reflection is so important that despite writing about it before we want to continue the story with more of our observations.


Posted on Thu, March 12, 2015 in General Personal Development

Complete this sentence: Pleased to meet you I’m…

How many times have you introduced yourself to someone and after the initial exchange of names comes the unsurprising follow-up: “…and what do you do”? At the start of a holiday one year, I was immersed in the introduction thing with a fairly large group of people (with whom I was about to embark on several excursions/adventures) and this very scenario played out, over and over.


Posted on Thu, February 26, 2015 in General Personal Development

Rehearsing different perspectives (in their shoes)

Problems. Whenever we have one and are perhaps feeling a little stuck when it comes to finding a solution, it occurs to me that it’s often because we only look at it through our own eyes. There is of course always another perspective. In fact, there can be several. 


Posted on Thu, February 12, 2015 in Coaching General Personal Development

Acting as if…

If we want to be great at something, we learn to do it, right? As the nation’s favourite Meerkat, Aleksandr would say – ‘simples’. Or is it really that straight forward? What if our brain tells us otherwise and the all-consuming doubt starts to creep in? ‘I’m not sure I can do it’. ‘That’s not me’. ‘It’s too difficult’. 


Posted on Thu, February 05, 2015 in Coaching Personal Development

Be courageous - ask for feedback

In a previous blog, we talked about self reflection – the importance of being self aware, knowing your strengths and understanding how (and why) you react to things. One of the reasons great leaders are highly self aware is because they ask for feedback. However, feedback (not praise) is one of the most difficult things for humans to hear.


Posted on Thu, January 22, 2015 in Leadership Personal Development

Learning patterns (of behaviour)

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."  

It’s one of those quotes you may have heard at some time or another, perhaps as a piece of advice when you’ve been stuck in a quandary. Attributed to Albert Einstein, it does make sense and pretty much states the obvious. Or does it?  


Posted on Thu, January 15, 2015 in Coaching Personal Development

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