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How do we Build Resilience?

Or, is it innate?

I’ve always thought I was pretty resilient, capable of working long hours with little sleep. Juggling multiple projects, constant travel, relearning how to use my iPhone after an update smile, facing major setbacks in my life and still carrying on with a smile and with energy.

I feel ashamed when I think of my judgment of others, in the past, who haven’t seemed resilient ... who have said they are too tired to engage, too weak to continue, too defeated to fight ... I always thought you simply needed mental resilience to overcome physical depletion.


Posted on Wed, November 04, 2020 in Coaching Leadership Organisational Development Personal Development

Why Compassionate Leadership Matters

Compassion comes from the Latin – compati – ‘suffer with’ and there is no doubt that at the moment we are all completely in the same boat and suffering in our own small or big ways.

So, it stands to reason that now is the time to show the greatest compassion we can to ourselves and everyone else – whether they be individuals, teams, groups, communities or society more generally.


Posted on Thu, October 08, 2020 in Leadership Organisational Development Personal Development

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