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What’s The Value of Organisational Values?

Organisations spend a huge amount of time focused on defining their values and I question whether it is possible for organisations to actually have values? I think people have values; companies do not.  

What I think the creation of organisational values does is seek to establish the behaviours that would be necessary for each employee to buy in to and adopt -- in order for people within and outside the organisation to perceive the staff and the business overall in the best light. In my experience though few organisations follow through their values considerations to work out how they embed those behaviours.

At Creative Coaching – we are passionate about Purpose – not values. If businesses can define their purpose (by answering the question – why do we exist?), then that very simple message can be delivered consistently to everyone that works at the company. The next big question is what kind of culture is needed to make sure everyone in the business is content, attached and focused on success – supporting one another to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves, each other and the business overall?

Businesses that invest time in engaging their workforce in these deliberations and conversations find that their bottom line is hit with positive uplifts because their people suddenly feel as though they are valued and that they have played a fundamental part in the place they feel they can belong.

So, define your purpose, consider the culture you would like to be present and involve your people – now that’s where the real value lies!

Would your organisation benefit from getting clear on its purpose? Contact Tania now on or 07802 218 982 for an initial discussion.

Posted on Thu, April 24, 2014 in General
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