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The key to developing bespoke learning programmes

We have noticed that there can sometimes be a bit of a tussle in organisations between ‘the business’ and the learning teams. ‘The business’ expects learning solutions to be offered that meet every nuanced need and learning teams struggle to get to know ‘the business’ at a deep enough level to offer this, especially if their people have not emerged from it. The result? Well, varied of course, although sometimes it might be vanilla or one size fits all solutions.  

What we’ve learned, from some of the best learning teams internationally, is that when the conditions are created and present for real dialogue to take place, where learning teams are seen as partners to ‘the business’ in an environment of co-creation, and everybody sees it as important to develop themselves and those around them, ideas are generated that can be generic although with real application; or tailored to specific teams needs. Significantly, programmes are designed and run that truly make a difference.

Naturally, everyone wins in this scenario – ‘the business’, the learning teams and most importantly the people both are supporting.

What lies at the heart of this outcome is not the brilliance of the learning teams, nor the flexibility of ‘the business’ (although, both are necessary) it is the ability to communicate: to listen, to understand and to be humble enough to place the other group of interested people as equally important to you (even though you are performing different roles). Creating a spirit of ‘all in this together’, is what makes a difference; valuing one another’s contribution…

What would have to change, if anything, in your day to day interactions within the organisation of which you are part in order to generate this environment of co-creativity?

Posted on Thu, August 28, 2014 in Organisational Development
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