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The Benefits of Embracing Diversity

The modern notion of diversity envelopes not only, race, gender and religious backgrounds, but also socio-economic and cultural differences, age and personality differences, skill sets, education … because all these differences bring diversity of thought. Diversity within an organisation is about the promotion of individuality, it’s about recognising the value that each individual has to offer. 

It is, therefore of paramount importance for both the survival and growth of an organisation to acquire a pool of talent with a richness of unique qualities, skills and strengths. Part of a leader’s role is to facilitate this open mindedness and advocate the celebration of difference. It is to make conscious unconscious bias so that any fear of diversity can be spotted and acted on; because resisting diversity can be detrimental to the future business.

Here are 4 reasons why embracing diversity with both hands is a positive thing:

1. Boosts creativity  

Bringing together a broad range of perspectives, opinions and backgrounds can lead to a flow of creative ideas, innovation and profitability. Companies who rely on decisions being made by a team of like-minded thinkers are limiting these possibilities. A diverse team will bring fresh ideas to the table with new dimensions.  Attempting to apply the same solutions to existing problems won’t lead to great results.  Diversity and creativity are critical for any organisation that wants to thrive and maintain its competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market.

2. Increases productivity  

An organisation who embraces diversity offers all stakeholders the opportunity to showcase their capabilities and talents. A diverse workplace creates an environment that is conducive to development, performance and productivity. Diverse teams possess multifarious brain power, generate fresh ideas and redesign processes to align with a company’s growth strategy. New thought patterns, behaviours and approaches result in innovation and things being done in new and better ways.

3. Promotes professional growth  

An all-inclusive company culture is one that can achieve enduring success.  An environment of open-mindedness and acceptance cultivates enhanced learning and development. Everyone is encouraged to nurture the unique skill sets only they have to offer. Diversity embracing organisations are more attractive to outside talent who will be drawn to opportunities for professional growth. Embracing diversity creates trust and continuous learning for everyone.

4. Builds a strong, positive company culture

The degree to which a company achieves a lasting reputation and success hangs off its ability to build a strong culture. Trust and inclusion are vital for creating a positive company culture because this is how an organisation attracts and retains top talent and keeps employees engaged. Diversity boosts team morale because each individual feels valued and accepted.

If you are a leader be proactive about initiating change to promote inclusion and diversity. Broaden your thinking and be more flexible and compassionate towards your team and more empathetic towards the needs of each individual. It is your people who form the foundation of a successful and positive workplace culture, so leverage and blend the talents and skills of all to guarantee the company a prosperous future and economic success. Plus, know that by doing so your team, your organisation will be properly representative of our rich and wonderful society!
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Posted on Tue, October 23, 2018 in Leadership Organisational Development
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