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In our last blog I called out for self-care. It’s important … it’s more than important – It’s VITAL.

Although I am still not officially working as I recover from the trials and tribulations of the virus I am still talking to friends, to clients who have become friends and to clients more broadly and am concerned to hear of the impacts of working from home, and Zoom or Teams fatigue. It’s a thing. There is also this franticness that I have been noticing – everyone is super, super busy – trying to keep the Earth turning while its inhabitants are in a spin.

It seems that many people are working longer hours because there is a belief that ‘… well, you’re there anyway, with nowhere else to go, so I know you’re contactable and that [report/proposal/document] really does need to be done urgently …’. What are you going to do? Get on it… 


Just a thought … Say no? 


Simply slow down a little.

We want to be viewed in the best possible light. It’s uncertain times, if I push back on a request might my role, my job, my career be in jeopardy? Possibly it seems, in some organisations (hideous as that sounds! I've heard some horror stories).

In coaching, in therapy, in counselling, in team meetings, in any meeting, in interactions with colleagues, friends and family there is a need to set boundaries. A boundary, like the fences in our gardens (if you have one!), delineates what is important for us and the line over which we ask people not to tread. It allows us to feel safe – mentally, physically – so that we can perform optimally (in anything we choose to perform in).

So, let’s talk about that. And only that. In fact, I’m not going to talk about it, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Take the time to answer them. It’ll help if you’re grappling with a very blurry line between home and work where you are not stopping because you’re at ‘home’ already.

  • When did you last think about the importance of your boundaries?
  • How clear are they?
  • In these times of virtual working – when will you start and stop work and how will you make others aware of that?
  • How is fear, if at all, playing a part in your over delivery?
  • How conscious are you being about how you spend your free time? And making an appointment with it so it becomes a commitment?

Take time to reflect and craft an outcome that truly suits you. Advertise that to your colleagues. 

If you are a leader, take a moment to ask yourself if you are pushing too hard because you have a captive audience and are worried that people may be slacking off because they are at home. Ease off, connect on a human level, role model balance, check that your team and colleagues are ok (really ok!!).

And breathe.

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Posted on Tue, July 21, 2020 in Coaching Leadership Personal Development
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