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How to Keep Learning Experiences Fresh and Interesting

As a leader in a Learning and Development role who is tasked with designing and delivering learning experiences for employees, it can be challenging to think of new ways to keep these experiences fresh and interesting.

A heavy workload coupled with potential resistance from employees add extra pressure – not the best circumstances to tap into your creativity when it comes to designing training.

Here are my top suggestions for keeping learning experiences fresh.

An alternative to feedback

We rely on the, often sparse, feedback we get from participants of workshops we develop to let us know how well it suits their needs and then redesign and tweak accordingly. Instead, poll a cross section of target attendees during the design process, ask them what will hold their interest and gain their engagement in a session and use their thinking to influence the outcome of the offer.


Change the environment

As far as budgets allow – mix up the environments that participants experience their learning in. Sunny day? Take the learning outside. Work near a local café or church hall? Why not hold some or part of your delivery there? Your organisation may be equipped with well-functioning training facilities, however the difference in participants' experience by taking them out of their usual environment may stretch them beyond their comfort zones and into a broader learning frame of mind.


Become a student again

Attend courses and note down ideas that seem fresh or interesting to you. Ask colleagues about their most memorable learning experiences and seek feedback on ways you could incorporate some of these elements into your own designs.


Surprise them

One of the best ways to keep learning experiences fresh and interesting is to introduce an element of surprise. Incorporating movement, laughter, improvisation, even music can all have a positive impact on how we absorb and assimilate information.

Remembering to give yourself the time and space to reflect on what is currently working and what may need tweaking will also be of great benefit.


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Posted on Thu, July 31, 2014 in Organisational Development
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