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How to Choose Your Amélie Mauresmo

This week saw Andy Murray announcing Amélie Mauresmo as his new coach and we’re curious about how he made his selection. Andy knows his success is largely down to working with the right coach so it is, clearly, a crucial decision. 

If you were to put your faith in someone to help you reach your potential, how would you choose who to work with? We thought Mr Murray may have used some of these tried and tested thought processes that help us choose the best coach, a coach who will support and guide us on our journey to success, to help him reach the conclusion to team up with Amélie.

1. Inspired?

Selecting a coach is about much more than thumbing through the Yellow Pages (do people still do that?) Within your own network, who do you know who truly inspires you? Who do you look up to?


2. Credibility?

It's not all about inspiration of course. There are plenty of inspirational people out there who may not necessarily make good coaches. It's important to choose a coach who’s qualified and experienced in the profession and has evidence of this (accreditation with the Association for Coaching for example).


3. Great results?

Website testimonials tell a little of a coaches story; it is also worth checking who is truly getting great results with their clients. Get coaches (and their clients if they are willing) to tell you stories about clients who have experienced similar situations to yours and what happened as a result of the coaching experience.


4. Trusted?

It's important for you to feel there is congruence between what a coach is saying and what they are actually doing. All theory and no practice is not a recipe for building trust, and trust is essential for an effective coaching relationship.


5.Who talks your talk?

Who speaks your language? When you're speaking with a coach you need to feel that they 'get' you, that they understand your situation and that your personalities match.


It is possible for you to choose a coach that is a perfect fit for you – one who is inspiring, experienced, gets great results and 'gets' you. Meet more than one coach, have ‘chemistry’ conversations to explore these themes and their style/approach – make certain you choose the right person – one that will challenge you and get you to experience new things and see new perspectives.


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Posted on Thu, June 12, 2014 in Coaching
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