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Five Ways to Get the Most Out of a Leadership Coach

Engaging with Leadership Coaching means investing your time, money and emotions in a process; and investing no small amount of faith in a coach! As with most areas in business, what you get out of coaching is hugely dependent on what you put into it.  Here are our top tips to ensure you make the most of the opportunities that coaching affords you, and get the most out of your relationship with your coach.

1. Make some room

Of course, make space in your schedule for the 1-2-1 sessions and also, if you are serious about your leadership coaching, commit a portion of your time each day to reflect on the work you are doing. If there is not enough ‘space’ in your life, and you are overburdened with business and personal projects and goals, then you cannot expect to squeeze the outputs of your coaching conversations into an already crazy day!  Your development needs to be a consistent priority if you want to see results. 

2. Set the right goals

You will work with your coach to set your goal (or goals), and you will likely already have a target in mind if you are taking on a leadership coach. How you think about your goal will be the key to helping you achieve it.  Focus on your areas of strengths, be really clear on what the new you or changed outcome  will be like. Ensure your targets are achievable, even if a stretch and be realistic about time-frames for change.

3. Work, work, work

You need to take action to see the results. It would be a wasted opportunity to improve if you didn’t. While your coach can hold you to account for actions, taking action is not something your coach can do for you.  To get the most out of coaching commit, and put in the effort so you can learn and grow to become a better leader than you are today.

4. Accept feedback

Being able to take on the perspectives of others is an important part of growing as a leader.  Be willing to hear feedback, even the things that are hard to hear. Hear it and then, where appropriate, act on it , making changes where necessary. Feedback from those who work closest to you, combined with some honest self-appraisal, will be vital to how you assess how far you have come throughout the course of coaching.

5. Challenge yourself

You’ve engaged with a coach and the coaching process so it stands to reason that, you are ready to become the best leader you can be. To get there you will need to challenge yourself.  Stepping out of your comfort zone will be challenging and ultimately worth it! If things get too much, then go back to taking it one step at a time.  When we break down problems into bite sized chunks the bigger picture becomes more accessible to us … a single step, even a small one, is progress!
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Posted on Thu, August 01, 2019 in Coaching Leadership
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