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Five Reasons Why You May Want to Work With a Coach

People choose to work with a coach for a variety of reasons – the key instigator being a desire for change coupled with an acknowledgement that change may be easier to accomplish with some outside support. Let's take a look at some sample scenarios:

  1. You are stuck in your job. Some kind of inner interference is getting in the way of your being able to take action to put yourself forward for promotion or a change. You know something needs to shift; you're just not sure how to begin.

  2. You are going through a career transition and it's scary. You’re not sure how you are supposed to be or act, there is no manual to read and you are keen and curious to explore and to draw on resources you may have not accessed before.

  3. You’ve been called upon to deliver the biggest presentation to the most important audience ever in your career. And the mere prospect of it terrifies you. How do you manage your nerves, keep a clear head, stay on message and retain the audience’s attention? Presence and impact are called for…

  4. You’ve been tapped on the shoulder for a career changing promotion. You’ve also been told you need to work on your gravitas. What is it, where do you find that in yourself and how do you bring the concept of gravitas to life every day?

  5. You are a respected team leader and you want to keep the motivation levels of people you lead high. How do you create followership, set out a compelling vision, get senior stakeholder buy-in and inspire attachment and engagement from everyone around you?

In all of the above instances a good coach will support and guide you through your desire for change, empowering you to create change and make the impression you want to.

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Posted on Thu, April 17, 2014 in Coaching Personal Development
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