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An approach to coaching questions

When we train as coaches, we learn various coaching models that, at the start of our coaching act as a useful guide for us to walk the change journey with our clients. As I reflect back on the early days of my coaching, over a decade ago, I notice that I was perhaps too rigid in my interpretation of how to employ those models and structures. What I pay attention to these days is my client, and only them, noticing not what they tell me, just how they do it. 

Last week I spent a few hours in the company of Sue Knight (NLP in Business) who challenged us to think about coaching in a more provocative space, with grace and humour. Now, I think a good coach knows what question to ask, including why, how and when to ask it.

What Sue suggests is that we really let loose (in an ecological way!) with the intention to break patterns, disrupting process for our clients. To achieve this we need to be more risqué, challenge more deeply, put the breaks on the stories our clients tell themselves by, sometimes literally, interrupting our clients.

In order to achieve this state with our clients we have to build a foundation of trust and rapport and then we can allow them to explore their issues in a way that allows them to lighten the load of the burden they carry.

So, next time you are coaching, give yourself permission to ask the most outlandish question, or make the most ridiculous statement, that provokes a huge state change in your client.

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Posted on Thu, November 20, 2014 in Coaching
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