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Five Steps to Implementing Blended Learning Experiences

Blended Learning is a term used to describe learning experiences that combine different methods of training delivery – online, face-to-face, one-to-one, group etc. It is growing in popularity thanks to the increasing number of virtual teams, geographic-independent roles and workforces that are experiencing continuous change and development.

Here are my 5 Steps to implementing blended learning experiences:

Step 1: Start with why

Be very clear on your reasons for implementing blended learning experiences in your organisation. Is your goal to increase the reach of the training, save costs or perhaps offer an experience that would not otherwise be tenable? Ensure the 'why' is communicated across the organisation.


Step 2: Check your resources

Do you have all the resources in place – technological, financial, and human – that will make blended learning experiences a success?


Step 3: Gain confidence

If you are responsible for the roll-out of a blended learning strategy, and are new to it, it is important that you take the time to learn the minutiae of what is involved including potential risks and challenges as well as hidden benefits. How you feel about the strategy will have a large impact on how successful its implementation is.


Step 4: Demystify

To an organisation that has never before implemented blended learning it can appear daunting, perhaps even a little risky. Where possible, prior to actually implementing the strategy hold open Q&As for teams within the organisation where people can express their opinions, asks questions and get answers to issues that may be concerning them.


Step 5: Test and measure

A critical element of implementing a blended learning experience is the testing phase. Before rolling out a full blended learning programme test it with a small group of people. Use your findings to inform the overall strategy and continue to test and measure as you roll out the programme.


These are my five steps to implementing blended learning experiences. Now I would love to hear from you. Are you a Learning and Development Leader who is in the process of implementing a blended learning experience? What have we missed here that would add value to others experiences? Please share your comments in the box below.  

Posted on Thu, August 07, 2014 in Organisational Development
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