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Tania Watson

Tania Watson

Founder, Creative Coaching

“I passionately believe that we all have the answers within ourselves to realise our potential; my purpose is to
help others to discover those answers.”

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Who am I? Text Open

I am someone who cares immensely about what I do, who strives to make a difference to organisational health. Encouraging better places to work for all.

I am an executive coach and specialise in leadership development.

How do I describe what I do? Text Open

I challenge, provoke thought and personal reflection, ask unexpected questions that get clients to dig deep and shake up their status quo, and by doing this I hope to encourage personal growth and a greater sense of balance between personal humility and certainty in direction in leaders in all industries.

Who can I help? Text Open

Typically whoever wants to be helped (and occasionally I have been know to help those who haven’t wanted it either).

How did I develop my skills and expertise? Text Open

I worked at senior level as a consultant for over 20 years supporting business leaders to develop their personal impact, I‘ve run my own businesses since 1998 and sat at board level since 1996 and have led teams since the early 80s. I have learned the hard way how not to lead and can share some of those experiences plus acknowledge the extreme benefits of seeking personal growth and development (even the recognition that the journey is sometimes painful!).

I trained as a coach in early 2000, gaining a distinction in my diploma. Trained as a practitioner of neuro linguistic programming for over 5 years, allowing me to understand more how we get the results we get in lives; and have worked in the leadership development space since 2005 deepening my understanding and practice.

What do I love about my work? Text Open

All of it! I have a genuine passion for what I do and (I’m told) that radiates from me when I am working with people.

What has made me a rock star for my clients? Text Open

I’m not sure I’m the rock star – I reckon my clients are! They are the ones who stretch themselves to change, embrace new ways of doing things and engage with one another differently. Perhaps I’m the band or the support act? My clients do take the time to tell me what they have appreciated about working with me – they grow, they develop, they look at themselves in a new way, they say the work we do together is genuinely life changing… so whether I am a rock star or not - that has to be a good thing!

What is an unknown or interesting fact about me? Text Open

I like to sing and gave my first public performance in May 2012! I also play the guitar (badly) and write songs. Oh, and books … I have, to date, three unfinished manuscripts (I’m just waiting for the final flash of inspiration to appear in order to fix that!).

None of my writings are yet published; I am working towards this not remaining the case forever!