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June Boyle

June Boyle

Executive Coach & HR Consultant

"Being myself and bringing humanity to my work.  Unlocking some personal and business breakthroughs that significantly enhance both personal and organisational performance. Supporting leaders and their organisations to realise their visions, build strong cultures with more engaged employees."

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Who am I? Text Open

I am a purpose-led, energetic and expressive individual who thrives on being myself and creating open, deep and trusting relationship with others. I’m a committed, empathetic individual with a deep well of energy and practical experience regularly operating in complex, dynamic organisations going through significant strategic change and performance challenges.

I run my own independent consulting business, collaborating and working in partnerships, with a strong passion for making a positive contribution on the world and being a catalyst for change. I help leaders in business and personal life develop self-insight to enable achievement of ambitions, overcoming challenging situations and delivering stretching goals in ways that lead to more fulfilling lives for themselves, their teams and organisations.

My partner, 2 boys (aged 18 and 21) and I are based in Scotland. I’m also a Lay Court Member at Edinburgh Napier University, Trustee of the University Development Trust and Programme Director, School for CEOs.

How do I describe what I do? Text Open

As a strategic HR leader, executive coach and seasoned HR practitioner, I’m able to draw extensively on a range of business, HR and global organisational understanding to discuss the current realities and external pressures facing today’s leaders. Described by others as a trusted adviser and coach, who brings unique insight, decisiveness and strategic thinking, I balance big picture thinking with pragmatic action.

I deliver through contracting and aligning around expectations and goals, whilst operating in a supportive and inquiring manner to help others explore new possibilities and tap into their own resourcefulness. I am adaptable in style to meet clients needs and help leaders navigate successfully through difficult and complex challenges. I utilise a range of approaches and can draw on a range of psychometrics, personality inventories and other leadership feedback mechanisms.

Who can I help? Text Open

I support, coach and facilitate all levels of leadership and executive boards to align and develop their leadership in relationship to teams, key stakeholders and organisations. Areas of leadership focus would include role transitions, team coaching and development, delivering performance and behaviour change, providing leadership learning and development experiences, realising potential and being their best, reflecting and exploring their leadership essence and impact, and working with leaders on a transformation journey.

I particularly enjoy supporting leaders facing a range of business and strategic contexts – breakthrough/innovation projects; meaning and purpose, turnarounds, integrations, major culture change and transformations.

How did I develop my skills and expertise? Text Open

My own development journey has been a combination of 30+ years hard work in highly pressurised and demanding global companies, progressing to the most senior levels in my field and my own personal life-long journey and commitment to develop and deepen my personal development, knowledge, learning and on going practice to be a world-class coach and facilitator of leaders’ development. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside a succession of thought leaders, international business schools, Global HR and Business networks, transformative consulting and coaching practices that has informed and shaped who I am today.

What do I love about my work? Text Open

Experiencing the uniqueness and diversity of every individual that I have the opportunity to experience, coach and work with. Seeing the aliveness that comes from their desire and willingness to tap into their deeper emotions and commitments. When individuals are able to be themselves. When the weight and burden is lifted from holding in and on to assumptions and beliefs that no longer serve them. Being a teacher and facilitator of leaders and teams through delivering development experiences that support them grow and develop their capability to succeed and build more engaged, trusted and inspiring organisations.

What has made me a rock star for my clients? Text Open

Being myself and bringing humanity to my work. Unlocking some personal and business breakthroughs that significantly enhance both personal and organisational performance. Supporting leaders and their organisations to realise their visions, build strong cultures with more engaged employees. Being able to create positive change in others and their organisations. Having a track record for delivering results and creating high performing teams.

What is an unknown or interesting fact about me? Text Open

I have a house on the Isle of Skye.