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David Adams

David Adams

Management Consultant

"I hold a deep and abiding interest in the fostering the realisation of collaborative collective intelligence for creative relationships, invention and problem solving…"

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Who am I? Text Open

Leader, elder, former farmer, church mediator and leader in dialogue. Founder and owner of Adams Associates (Scotland) Limited, my consultancy. Founding Director of Alchemy of Coaching Ltd, which offers open programmes for Coaching Mastery. Also dad, granddad, partner, one time fund-raiser, and much else.

How do I describe what I do? Text Open

As a coach, I work with people who want to do and to achieve great things in realisation of their careers, ambitions and life purposes. How to discover, address, embrace and orchestrate complex opportunities and big personal demands that a life journey throws up. How to attain what one has set their heart upon. I offer a process of personal discovery and learning that is discerning, joyful and challenging, based upon deep questioning, reflection and presencing, held in a vessel of impeccable integrity and trust.

Who can I help? Text Open

People who hold powerful questions and responsibilities in their lives, who strive with demands, ambitions, opportunities or business entanglements, and who want to build their abilities, resources and self-leadership to win out in equal or greater proportion.

How did I develop my skills and expertise? Text Open

Firstly through a well diversified career in self and business leadership: in international business finance; a consultancy for charitable strategy and fund raising; an international management consultancy; and running my own consulting business in strategy and remuneration successfully.

In parallel I have pursued developmental training and interests in Reflective Dialogue, North American Native Wisdom, Open Space Technology, NLP, Eldership and Mediation for Churches, an array of inter-personal and assessment skills, as well as the family organic farm.

I hold a deep and abiding interest in the fostering the realisation of collaborative collective intelligence for creative relationships, invention and problem solving, including the Wheel of Wisdom process, developed from indigenous knowledge.

I hold an MA from Oriel College Oxford, Membership of the Association for Coaching, and have graduated from the Black Lodge of the Ehama Institute of North American Native Wisdom.

What do I love about my work? Text Open

The joy and privilege of purposeful, deep conversation. Establishing agreement, trust and rapport, and ‘allowing space’ commensurate with the tasks at hand. Witnessing discovery, emergence and activation of latent talents and profound knowing. Realisation of potential and the best of being human. Being both engaged and watchful at the same time. Holding space for what can newly emerge. Loving the ever-unfolding processes of living with high aims and intention. Finding great tools for creative problem-solving. Doing my bestest best…

What has made me a rock star for my clients? Text Open

Being present, available and listening. Holding space for insights to happen. Integrity of purpose. Strict ethical boundaries. Clear contracting. Reflection and feedback. Being attentive, appreciative and happy.

What is an unknown or interesting fact about me? Text Open

I love dancing, especially Reels.