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Diana Dawson

Career Psychologist & Executive Coach

"I love helping people to make the most of their talents and to be happier in what they do at work and therefore, in their lives".

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Who am I? Text Open

I am a qualified Career Coaching Psychologist and have been career counselling, coaching and delivering workshops for over ten years.

How do I describe what I do? Text Open

I help people achieve their career goals through providing one to one career counselling, coaching and workshops for adults from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. I am passionate about people and their careers and helping to optimise talent.

Who can I help? Text Open

People who want to be happier at work or happier and more successful at what they do.

How did I develop my skills and expertise? Text Open

After getting an MA in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, I did several jobs including Supply Chain Management and Product and Marketing Management for The Boots Company. I then went into recruitment for five years, but decided to change careers and studied for an MSc in Career Counselling and Management from Birkbeck College, University of London, followed by an MSc in Occupational Psychology from The University of Strathclyde. I am also Level A and B qualified in psychometric assessment and have been practising as a career counsellor and coach for over ten years.

What do I love about my work? Text Open

Helping people to make the most of their talents and to be happier in what they do at work and therefore, in their lives.

What has made me a rock star for my clients? Text Open

Being the worst singer ever I am not sure this analogy is appropriate, but my clients have told me and sent me wonderful emails and messages to say that I have helped them on their career journey.

What is an unknown or interesting fact about me? Text Open

I love monkeys and apes! I have been to many African countries and seen gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild. It is such a privilege to see wild animals in their natural habitat.