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Dawn Grikis

Dawn Grikis

HR Consultant

"I love that the reason for the work I do is… people.  It’s simple but I strongly believe that people make the world go round… they are the difference in any organisation to achieving success and make the difference in daily life."

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Who am I? Text Open

I ‘do’ HR with a focus on managerial and organisational development but this does not really define who I am!

I am part of a big circle of family, friends, different teams and generally speaking good people both personally and professionally who constantly support, challenge and shape who I am today and the next.

How do I describe what I do? Text Open

I wear a few different hats.

I work part-time as an Associate of Creative Coaching providing a range of support from strategic and project planning to organisational and administrative assistance.

I also offer HR Management and Organisational Development consultancy more generally usually working with a range of companies from start-ups to dynamic small and medium sized enterprises.

The rest of the week, I am trying to keep up with school runs and kiddie stuff!

Who can I help? Text Open

I can help lots of different people in varying contexts especially if someone is after an approach that keeps things as effective, appropriate, simple and user friendly as possible.

How did I develop my skills and expertise? Text Open

I have worked as an HR leader and practitioner since leaving university many moons ago from grass roots level up. My early experiences were in an organisation in a tough, competitive market that had no HR function or leader. I learned so many lessons (many the hard way!) and gained my post grad in HR Management at this early grounding in my career.

Growing and continuing my development, experience and knowledge since, I have worked both here and in Australia in various roles and teams predominantly in third sector organisations or consulting with small to medium sized entrepreneurial companies. I am also a chartered member of the CIPD, the professional body for HR and People Development in the UK and equivalent member of AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute).

What do I love about my work? Text Open

I love that the reason for the work I do is… people. It’s simple butI strongly believe that people make the world go round… they are the difference in any organisation to achieving success and make the difference in daily life. All the work I do has people at its heart whether advising on HR strategic direction or supporting individuals and managers through difficult people processes such as disciplinary matters. How I engage with people is just as important to me as achieving commercial success.

What has made me a rock star for my clients? Text Open

I’m not sure rock star is probably the best description for me! I am definitely someone who clients want to work with and want on their team whatever the role may be. I am probably more a quiet achiever but with humour and personality thrown in! My standard of work and the way I work and collaborate with people to achieve results is generally why clients say they want to keep working with me.

What is an unknown or interesting fact about me? Text Open

It’s not glam but I am a bit of a sports jock!

I have played basketball since a young lass at various representative levels such as British Universities and Scottish Senior National level.

My involvement in sport has led me to many enduring friendships and adventures in life such as a year spent living in the States where I are graduated and attended the prom at a US high school and volunteering at the Sydney Olympics.

I am also a passionate Scottish sport and Aussie Rules Football fan… even my Aussie Rules team has a Scottish flavour…St Kilda!