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4 Leadership Goal Setting Tips for Making 2021 a Success

Effective leaders understand that goal-setting is necessary for team cohesion and defining measurable metrics. Goal setting gives direction, and direction improves collaboration. Goals enable you and your team to recognise when you are on track. The goals you choose can help inspire and motivate your team.

If there is one big thing that you want to achieve this year to know that it was the best year yet, what would that big thing be?

1. Choose a relevant and challenging goal to achieve

Goals that are too complex or far-reaching may set your organisation and team up for failure. If the goals are too simple, your team may lack motivation or commitment.

The best goals tend to pursue realistic challenges that help create an ideal situation. You should start by determining the biggest obstacles that you, your team and the organisation currently face. These obstacles may be internal or external. Internal issues may include company culture while external issues may cover sales, client engagement, and company reputation.

Always seek input from others. From stakeholders to the latest recruits, listen to feedback from everyone.  For your team to invest the time and effort necessary to meet the objectives you set, they must understand the ‘why’ behind each one.

Use the SMART goal setting approach to help you select the right goal, SMART is an acronym for:

Specific – drill right down to the core of your thinking

Measurable – how will you know what success looks like?

Achievable – if your thinking is too far out of reach, energy will deplete fast

Relevant – connected thinking (to your customer, your market, the needs your product or service responds to) makes what you do worthwhile

Time-bound – know when you are going to do this thing by …

2. Break your goal down into manageable chunks

A goal needs to be broken down into smaller steps and milestones that can be accomplished incrementally throughout the year. See the future state and then work backwards to know what you will have to do each step of the way to be successful.

3. Foster a growth mindset

As stated by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, ‘the best predictor of success in life is none of these usual suspects-it's your mindset.’ Our mindset is the real driver of growth and the key to accomplishing goals.

Understand that the skills and talents of your team can grow when they are properly nurtured. Part of this nurturing should stem from the challenges that you set.  Instill a profound belief in your team that they are capable of growing and improving.

4. Do not hesitate to set your big goal for 2021

If you want to make this a banner year, get in gear now! Set that action plan and get to work.

Choose your primary goal for the year. The secret to greatness is honing your focus on the right goal and not overloading yourself with too many ideas.  Your one big goal can drive your motivation and give you the energy you need to accomplish it. Act every day on this goal and watch the transformation.

Look to the past to avoid repeating mistakes. Consider the lessons that you learned in 2020, embrace and use these learnings to help you become the best leader you can be.

As a final tip, remember to keep the measurable metrics simple. With a clear outline, it is easier to find solutions.

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Posted on Tue, January 29, 2019 in General Leadership Personal Development
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